Satisfying her had been a bear to defeat. Any of my efforts to give her the big O was like a drop in the ocean for her. At one point, Anita told me I had a “toothpick” for a penis. Imagine thrusting her, and she comfortably and sarcastically sings along to the famous “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” by Cutting Crew. Then she tells me, “When you are done, please cover me up.” 

Not long did Anita break me the news that she had gotten a guy with an “AK-47” and was fully satisfying her. My confidence was now totally missing in action, and I thought I was doomed. I had to find the courage again and up my game to see her stay with me. How could I just let her leave me like that? I buckled down to the goals and got started. After exploring all the avenues, including research on the essential viagra guides and possible herbal antidotes, I eventually got some remedies for a smaller, dysfunctional penis. 

Take the Maca Supplements

The maca powder is known for stimulating sexual desire. Maca contains macaenes and macamides, which boost energy and helps maintain erections. You must use this substance as prescribed by your doctor. Adding it to your daily routine without precautions can lead to other side effects. Once you have the go signal from your doctor, you can purchase it here

Consume Ginseng

The Korean red ginseng has ginsenosides which boost the nervous system. Taking ginseng extract tablets for a few weeks can improve your sexual functionality. Professionals recommend that you should consume about 500 mg in a day. Ginseng can contraindicate with certain medications and cause some adverse side effects for individuals with certain cancers, insomnia, and heart disease. Reach out to your doctor before you begin to consume ginseng regularly.

Take Ginkgo Biloba

The primary usage of ginkgo biloba to boost memory. It is also essential in promoting blood circulation and enhancing blood flow to your penis. It can help you on antidepressants which can lead to penile dysfunction. Ginkgo can have no side effects, and it is good to give it a try. You can take it as tea or as a capsule supplement. Never take ginkgo if you are on medications related to blood-thinning or if you have suffered a seizure before. Consult your doctor to be sure that the supplement is fit for you.

Discuss with your doctor before attempting any supplement or herb. Besides offering recommendations on validated methods of penile enlargement, your doctor will address your specific risk of side effects. Ensure you do a patch test if you intend to use any of the herbal supplements. You should be sure that your partner is okay with them and speak to her about conducting her patch test.